Whether you have a tendency to accumulate in your basement, closets, attic, garage,  expensive storage rentals, or you are just ready to make changes in your lifestyle and want to replace that stereo, television, dining room set, living room sofa, an ATV or your truck or car…even sports & theater tickets.  From your grandparents hand-me-downs you’ve been meaning to give away years ago, to items you thought you would find a use for but never did.  People often throw away or donate without realizing there could be a buyer out there if you only knew how to reach them.

We evaluate and discuss current value of your item, and advise if it’s worth trying to sell. Descriptive photographs are taken, and ads are posted on Craigslist for local sales or eBay for International.

We also sell through auction and brokerage sites, galleries, and wholesalers. 

We even ship the item for you if it’s bought out of state.

Selling Individual Items

i-sell-it-4-U Helps You Clear Out The Clutter. Your old or obsolete items could put money in your pocket.

​We Strive For Success In All Our Sales...From Condos To Castles!
Estate sales . . . and more!