Estate sales . . . and more!

Your sale will be advertised on Craigslist, local newspapers, and a variety of internet sites to give you the best exposure for the maximum foot traffic.

All items are organized and tagged.  We post signage throughout the house directing potential buyers to the items they are looking for.  Security cameras are temporarily installed to deter theft.   We provide a professional, knowledgeable and courteous staff.  All sales are logged into a journal which is available daily to client.  We post as many lawn signs as needed in your neighborhood.  We can also recommend a moving service for buyers to transport their purchases.

We are dedicated to protecting your home and your possessions as we strive to sell as many items as we can.

We are aware it is usually a difficult end to a situation and assume as much pressure as we can to take the burden off of you.  We help in all decision making, keeping an open line of communication with our clients throughout the process of parting with precious family belongings.


​we Strive For Success In All Our Sales...from Condos To Castles!

Estate Sale Services

For an Estate Sale, we place the highest importance on your comfort and peace of mind.